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Who We Are

Who we are
A rising name in the fleet of Publishers, who are willing to take the methods of education towards the needs of change in current Schooling / Teaching & Parenting system.
Introducing a series of 9 books as “Kennis Series”. Designed with Easy Learning Supportive Material.
A Friendly looks animated character, that creates a bonding attraction with Pre-Primary children.

National Awards

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Many Courses

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Our goal is to enables both Parents and Teachers to target their efforts to maximize the child’s learning experience.
To equip parents with the best possible ways of nurturing.
To build a strong and prosperous nation, by providing the comprehensive support to the schools.
Primary aim of “TALEEM” Consultancy is to strengthen Pakistan with skilled, trained and educated youth.
We live in a world where visual images are increasing in every aspect of life. Today the information is presented as a combination of words and images. Visual literacy involves problem solving and critical thinking and these can be applied to all areas of learning.
We provide a foundation for understanding and evaluating visual intention and artistic skills.
We believe to build the awareness, the use of technology as an educational tool in society.

A group of committed and dedicated professionals, willing to set the goals under the banner of “TALEEM” consultancy. Equipped with a wide range of skill-based programs to educate “parents, teachers and any willing persons. We specially designed interactive workshops to help them carry out the future in educational industry.
Providing today’s students with competitive skills, information literacy, problem-solving, and communications is an ongoing challenge requiring multiple levels of classroom and administrative support. Yet many institutions commit to initiatives without clear long-term goals or support structures, with the result that ideas that seem worthwhile in theory have scant effect on learning outcomes.
The activities demonstrated in the workshops and courses conducted under the banner of “TALEEM” will inspire teachers, principals and administrators. Parents interested in the new methods of child’s learning and development in problem solving skills will also find much of interest in our uniquely designed courses.
Our focus is to provide a stimulating early care and education experience which promotes each child’s social/emotional, physical and cognitive development. Our goal is to support children’s desire to be life-long learners.
We aim to provide our customers with quality schoolbooks and ancillary materials, which satisfy their needs and expectations, while facilitating the learning process.

Education is the right of every child. The purpose of education is to develop every child’s cognitive, physical, emotional and social abilities.
Think Ahead & Learn Effective Educational Methods.